Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Painting Yellow

My previous method of painting yellow with Iyanden Darksun over black undercoat has left me wanting a little more.

In leafing through some old White Dwarfs, I came across a masterclass for painting a Bad Moons Warboss in Issue WD350(US) (also available here, but you need to log in).

Basically it calls for an basecoat of Tausept Ochre:

A wash of Gryphone Sepia in the receses:

Then a midcoat of Iyanden Darksun+Golden Yellow (a 1 to 1 mix):

Highlights are an equal parts Iyanden Darksun+Golden Yellow+Skull White. I actually added more white as my mixture was a little watery after adding a drop of water.

Here is the result on a non-test model:

So there you have it, I am pretty pleased with this method and the results give the models a little more depth and character.

The White Dwarf article also gives a great little snippet on painting battle damage that I used to cover up a small divit from clipping the model from the sprue.

And here is a poor picture of my attempt on the shoulder pauldron:


  1. That looks very very interesting. Think that I have to try this out myself. Did you find that the colors covered well or did you have to paint multiple coats? I've heard of people using the orange foundation paint to start with as well, but I haven't tried that myself though.

  2. You have to be a little careful with the Ochre, it can be a little thick as you can see on the assault marine's right leg.

    But it may just be the pot I have.

    The golden yellow/Iyanden goes on a bit streaky, Id say its about three-four thin coats to get it looking good.

  3. That is a lovely colour yellow. Thats how i envisage the Fists

  4. That's a nice looking IF, the yellow you've painted suits them - not to dark and not too bright. Kudos there. The damage is hard to see really, but it'll no doubt look fine.

  5. I think I recall the article you mention. That method does yield some very nice results. In regards to the marines leg... Always water down your paints, especially Foundation Paints.

  6. I try to keep my paints at a sort of milk consistency now days. Oni is right on the money here with regards to the Foundation Paints.

    I love the battle damage. I am going to try that out on my Imperial Fists.