Thursday, September 3, 2009

365 Points

Ive decided to tackle the Tale of Four Gamers with 365 points first. That includes the Dreadnought and one Tactical Squad.

First up, the Dreadnought:

Got it based and primed, and a quick drybrush of Boltgun on the metal parts. Added a few items; a Forgeworld purity seal and an Imperial Fist icon from the GW Imperial Fist Conversion Pack .

This is, of course, the ubiquitous Black Reach Dread.

Next, a sergeant from the tactical squad:

This, I believe, is a GamesDay limited edition, with a simple arm swap. Base coated, drybrushed and based.

I've decided to stick with Imperial Fists, but went a different direction with the yellow, using Iyanden Darksun rather than the Tamiya Camel Yellow spray.

I am probably going to make them part of the Imperial Fist's 5th company with the black rimed shoulder pauldrons.

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