Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Programing Note: RTFridays to Be Featured on From The Warp!

The Astronomicon has led us to a new path through the Warp...

Starting this Friday, Rogue Trader Fridays will become a feature on From The Warp .

I am very excited and humbled to bring some of this great art from long ago to perhaps a wider audience.

In sifting through the myriad rulebooks, supplements and addenda of the Rogue Trader era, I had a great sense of nostalgia to when I first had a glimpse of this hobby in the dark recesses of a local comic shop. All it took was scraping together about six bucks for a blister of space marine medics, (that I promptly slathered with some Testor's enamels straight to the metal) and I was hooked.

I hope these snap shots of GW's past bring the same feelings to some of the grizzled veterans out there as well as let some of those new to the hobby have a peek at what once was...

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