Saturday, September 19, 2009


After sitting in a simple green bath for a day and a half, the rhino emerged in not so great a condition. The paint refused to come off of the plastic of the rhino, while the primer came straight off for the most part of the Forgeworld extra armor.

So I decided to stick it in the freezer to loosen the glue to remove the forgeworld parts. Of course several pieces shattered...

The rhino is a loss, but the forgeworld parts may be salvageable...we will have to see.

On a better note, I finished up the sergeant.


  1. That's a bummer about the Rhino. The sergeant looks really good though.

  2. I also was told about brake liquid... @Pedro, really works?

    I use loctite glue remover to loose paint and glue. It is not the best solution but works good on small parts.

    What's the green baths?

    Didn't know about the freeze way, curious.

  3. I'm surprised people have forgotten about Pine Sol. That's what I've used for years, but beware that it will attack the plastic if left in longer than a few hours.

    Another option that is stronger than Simple Green is "Purple Power" that's available in the automotive cleaners section of any super market. Beware that this cleaner is very caustic and will etch aluminum so be sure to wear gloves and even eye protection.

    Don't write off your rhino!