Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tale of Four Gamers

I was lucky to stumble upon a thread on the Librarium Online forums about a group of gamers in my area that were trying to start up a group to take on a Tale of Four Gamers adventure. It had been some time since the thread had been active, but after messaging one of the contributors, interest was again stirred after their efforts had stalled early this year.

We met at the local Battle Bunker and discussed starting it back up. Since two other members had already had an indeterminate number of points left over, we decided to take the first month to have me catch up point wise.

Here is what I have ahead of me this month:

Its about 550 points which should keep me very busy.

Along with Space Hulk, it is a very full hobby month!


  1. Hey dude,
    Just bimbled across this post - what are you using for your army list? I like how clear that list pic is....

  2. Its called 'Army Bodger' and it is a home brew project over at the Eternity of War forums.

    I think this is the latest release:

    warning, it may be very buggy and is windows only.

    This is the thread if you want to follow the development:

  3. Thanks dude, will take a look-see.