Sunday, August 22, 2010

Painting Imperial Fists, Part 2: Mid-coat and Some Detail

A two-part feature has evolved into a three-part so I hope you will bear with me. Check out part 1 here.

As we continue, we have applied the mid-coat on top of a base of Iyanden Darksun with a Gryphonne Sepia.

The mid-coat consists of a 1-1 ratio of Iyanden Darksun and Golden Yellow. Be sure to leave a little of the base-coat showing in the armor recesses and places that need to be heavily shaded.

The chest eagle is lightly highlighted with P3 Khador Red Base and washed with Baal Red.

I like to premix the mid coat batch so I can get consistent results over multiple figures. Empty dropper bottles are great for mixing up custom mixes or washes.

Next, the helmet lenses were tackled by first blocking them out with Skull White and base of Dark Angels Green. Hit the front corners with a spot of Snot Green.

Finish off the lens with a small spot of Skull White in the back corners. As this zoomed shot can show you, my sloppy painting aside, a little cheat I used to clean up the area around the eye.

A Sakura Pigma Micron Pen, Brown size 005, was used to shade the spot under the lens to clean up any stray white or green paint. It was also used on the shoulder pauldron to give a quick shade on the rim between the black and yellow. The brown ink is quite close to the color of Gryphonne Sepia wash but a little more opaque. If I was a little neater it would look spectacular but from afar the result is adequate.

The backpack is completed in the same fashion as the armor and the bolter is dry fit in place. the bolter is based in Chainmail and hit with a Badab wash. Edge the bolter casing with Adeptus Battlegrey and another wash of Badab.

Next up, I will attempt to highlight the armor without totally ruining the model.

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