Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Painting Imperial Fists, Part 1: Base-coat and Wash

After a very long hiatus, I have returned to the 40K blog world. I hope not too many of you forgot about me.

Over the next two posts I am going to walk through how I do Imperial Fists. Hopefully it will give a few people some inspiration to tackle painting the dreaded yellow or to share how they do their fists.

im not the neatest painter nor the most talented but here goes:

Start with an even Iyanden Darksun from the Citadel Foundation range base-coat. It may look a little rough in places but that will be smoothed out in the next step.

Apply a liberal coat of Gryphonne Sepia from the Citadel Wash range and let dry. I like to tilt the model backwards to let the wash seep in to the crevices, dry, and then hit the back of the model and tilt dry again. Next, hit it with another liberal coat of wash.

A word on washes. I have gotten into the habit of adding a drop of Formula P3 mixing medium or Vallejo Model Color matt medium to the wash before applying. It keeps the pigment intact and improves the flow of the wash so it hits those seams in the armor without pooling on the flat parts too much. I used the P3 in this case.

Now, hit the chest eagle with P3 Khador Red Base. This gives a nice bright red without too much trouble.

Next, I apply two coats of Citadel Badab Black wash to the eagle. This tones the red way down and adds nice shadow to the wings and skull on the chest. I've also applied Citadel Chainmail to the armor joints, tubes and arm badge which was also then washed with Badab Black. I may have to apply another coat of wash as they are still a little to bright. I'm sure I could have goten a bit grimier with Boltgun Metal, but I tend to like the results of Chainmail with a wash.

The base was drybrushed first with Foundation Adeptus Battlegrey and then again with Astronomican Grey.

Well, thats all for the base of the miniature. Stay tuned for part two as we wrap it all up.


  1. Good to see you back. Nice looking yellow on your marine - Iyanden Darksun is a huge lifesaver.


  2. I like how he turned out, the yellow looks good and seems very easy and quick to do, well other than waiting for all the washes to dry. Adding the medium to the washes sounds like a great idea.