Friday, December 4, 2009

Rogue Trader Friday (Modeling): Chaplains

In conjunction with my Rogue Trader Friday post at From the Warp, here is a look at some of the old Chaplain models.

What is interesting is the color schemes then called for more variation that just the black armor/skull helm that is prevalent today.

I think the Howling Griffon model in the center looks ace.


  1. some of my favourite old models. Space marines had so much more character back then..

  2. The space wolf one (top row, middel) is still in my collection. One of my faves

  3. I still like adding some variation in the colour. On a Chaplain Cassius I painted the left side of his body, with the Ultramarines symbol, blue and the right side black.

    Although I haven't had the opportunity to paint a Librarian yet I would plan on doing something similar there as well.

  4. I have all of them. I converted them to Bersekers in my teens! Heresy, I know.

    My modern space marine force still tributes to the RT days. My chaplain Rhino is black ;)