Saturday, August 15, 2009

Imperial Fist Veterans

Here are the start of an Imperial Fist veterans squad. What started out as trial on an old mini to see if painting yellow was feasible, turned into starting an Imperial Fist army.

The yellow was a basecoat of Tamiya Color TS-34 Camel Yellow spray that I had left over from interestingly enough a project for my wedding this past July. This was applied over skull white primer.

I then washed the entire miniature with Citadel's Gryphonne Sepia.

The metals were painted Chaos Black, drybrushed with Boltgun, and finally washed with everyone's favorite Badab Black.

The whites were based with Shadow Grey before numerous coats of Skull White. The parts still could use a few more solid coats to clean it up.

The Crux was based with foundation Adeptus Battlegrey and layered with Codex Grey and finally a highlight of Astronomican Grey.

In its former life, this mini was a Black Templar with the mace replaced with a sword from the Black Templar upgrade frame. His right hand will be wielding a combo bolter with plasma gun seen here:

The weapon was basecoated Skull White and liberally washed with Badab. A drybrush of boltgun was then applied followed by another Badab wash.

The bolter casing will eventually be black.

I'll hopefully be able to prime the other two Sternguard above tonight.

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